Dasar-dasar Web Programming alpha-3 Is Out

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Halo rekan-rekan semua,

Dasar-dasar web programming alpha-3Sudah hampir dua bulan sejak versi alpha-2 keluar, akhirnya versi lanjutan dari ebook Dasar-dasar Web Programming keluar juga. Versi kali ini berlabel alpha-3. Materi-materi baru yang ditambahkan antara online casino lain:

» Buka fopen()
» Tulis fwrite()
» Tutup fclose()

» Array Index Numerik
» Array Index String (Associative Array)
» Meload file sebagai array

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Ok, itu aja semoga bermanfaat thanks… :)

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13 January 2017

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1 January 2017

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1 January 2017

If my modules needed more than 1 layout file for some reason, then I would use a folder. None of mine ever have, so I found it easier to just have the file in the layout directory.

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17 November 2016

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9 November 2016

By January 21, 2010 – 11:40 amI really like your prezi…I’m going to post it at Moodlemonthly and refer back here. Great overview of all the Moodle capabilities! Thanks for sharing and putting in the effort to make such a cool presentation.-Joe

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