Development Of Link Popularity By Using Social Bookmarks Submissions

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As we know that it is basic knowledge for a marketer in the field of internet that the SEO has two different parts. One of them is very easy which involves optimizing the content of the website having suitable keywords but the other part is very difficult and takes up lot of time as the development of the sites link popularity is involved.

What does link popularity actually mean?

Simply stated that link popularity involves developing of links from other sites which link to a page available on your site. The overall status of your website is in the results of the search engines is determined by the number of links identified by the engine.

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Before Web 2.0 was introduced into this world link popularity was attainable by exchanging links, or through the advertisement on the internet or the hope that site will be promoted by some webmaster. But now link popularity has become very simple, all you need to do is to join a Social Bookmarks Submission network and this only possible by the development of the social networking sites.

What is the working of Social Bookmarks Submission?

On basic ground levels social book markings submission page is used to develop links or should I say tags. The website which is to be promoted are pointed by these tags. If the site happens to be interesting enough then it will be added to the list of bookmarks by the members within the same network. Additionally the tags may be given a high rating which adds on to the popularity of the site.

How a site’s link popularity is improved by using Social Bookmarks Submissions?

Whenever we bookmark a website then a one way bridge is created to the bookmarked site. Now whenever we use a search engine, the websites of the Social Bookmarks Submission network having high page ranking act as an authority sites. This causes the indexing of your bookmarks very quickly and the link count will be increased by the addition of a suitable back link.

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But for the success of these links it is necessary to know that the social book markings submission contains suitable and well-targeted words which are also included in the main text. Caution should be taken as not to spam it. Since there is a word limit provided for the description of the sites therefore it is appropriate include the keyword only once. If the keyword is used more than once then your submission may be flagged by the Social Bookmarks Submission network. And if it found to happen more repeatedly then there is a possibility that your account is suspended or worst of all deleted. So it easier to avoid it.

Social Bookmarks Submission improves the link popularity of a site but being easy on the pocket

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